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Ichinomiya School Manager




Hello, I’m Sumika. I lived in Manila in the Philippines when I was young. I was a student there from 6th grade up to my 2nd year in high school. After graduating from university in Nagoya, I got a job at a Japanese company and went to work at their Los Angeles office in the United States. Next, I moved to New York and finally to Milan, Italy, where I lived for many years. I started my own business on the way and experienced some businesses abroad. I myself had some struggles working in English and Italian speaking environments. Those experiences helped me to realize the importance of communicating my opinions with people of different cultures. If you speak multiple languages, a variety of information will become easily accessible and you will have a wider view of the world. I am very honored and excited to help you with your language learning. I will try to create an environment that everyone can enjoy. Please feel free to talk to me anytime!

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