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English Instructor



Hello. Please let me introduce myself.
My name is James, I come from the UK and have a keen interest in history, food, music and travel.
I have been an English instructor for the best part of 9 years, having taught in S.Korea, Taiwan and Japan. I have gained a wide range of teaching experience during that time, taught to various age groups, and hope to use my skills to get the best from the students here at The Bohme English Academy.
I enjoy teaching introduction English to beginners, as well as creating a fun environment to teach more difficult grammar and vocabulary based classes to intermediate students.
I also enjoy developing fun and interesting methods to teach advanced English language students, including business English, TOEIC and other English language testing systems.
The motivation of the students and general atmosphere here at The Bohme English Academy is a great credit to this school.
It’s clear that there are students with a varying range of interests in the English language.  The school takes care to cater for them all. Likewise, I am here to help and adapt to the needs of each class.
Studying a language can be difficult, and at times frustrating.  However, I look forward to making it as fun and as interesting as possible.
So, let’s find out more about this fascinating language, and have fun using it at the same time.

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